Porcelain "Turtle Soup" Mug 12oz (Edition of 20)

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• Get your motor running in the morning with this one-of-a-kind ceramic mug with handle modeled after a can opener. (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE HANDLE TO OPEN A BEER, IT WILL BREAK AS IT IS PORCELAIN)

• With great attention to detail, each form is built by hand and slip-cast using intricate mold designs.

• Decal designs are created from scratch using Photoshop and printed on a ceramic decal printer.

• All glazes and decals are food safe. All forms are fully functional.

• ACTUAL PIECE MAY SLIGHTLY VARY. I will not send a piece that does not stand up to the quality of the depicted image.

These are made in an edition of 20, each piece will have an edition number as part of the decal.

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• Shipping is fast, and always in clean, neat packing material